July 7, 2014

What's a Chic Eco Toilet?

Love this design, as seen on a recent Tumbleweed Tiny House story where I read this cute space saver can be constructed with a 5-gallon bucket for less than $50.

Wonder how to properly compost poop and pee? The Humanure Handbook is a must for anyone interested in an off-grid simple lifestyle.
Check out the rave reviews. And if you wish, follow me with this toilet mission for my school bus conversion. Below is a summary of my research ...

A great product video by Loveable Loo is on YouTube and illustrates how to do this without plumbing.

So, you can custom-construct the design for your space ... either DIY or look for less expensive help. Either way, creator Joe Jenkins provides a list of captivating videos on his site. This amazing guy consults and has an admirable record of traveling to natural disasters where he teaches others how to deal with human waste as they rebuild their homes.

Funny I didn't realize I would be planning the toilet construction before designing the layout.

Now I'm looking for my sawdust resource as I write!