Welcome Guide

Yurt Guest Manual

Check-in Process

Contact owner Delia with your arrival itinerary to obtain the keys. At that time we'll schedule a tour of the premises either upon your arrival or the next morning. Below are the basics for arrival.

Hawaiian Ethics

Please remove your footwear before you enter the yurt. Because this is the rain forest, it is best to place them under the back or front covered lanai by the door. No shoes is customary in Hawaii homes.


  • Remote on kitchen counter controls ceiling fan + light with dimmer.
  • Switches on bamboo wall by fabric-covered fuse box near closet; see brass plate + labels.
  • Bathroom light switch on sliding door frame.


  • The queen-sized double-height air mattress is most comfortable for couples.
  • The chair futon may be converted to a twin-sized bed.
  • There is a mobile futon pad next to the wall by the framed twin bed.
  • The twin-framed bed works well as a day couch, in addition to sleeping.
  • Throws + covers in the basket by closet with any extra sheets + pillow cases.


  • Do not drink water from faucets + use toothbrush accordingly.
  • Water in dispenser on top of refrigerator is tap, (county water), which can be replenished from spigots on right side of Nanawale Boulevard entry.
  • Find more tap + filtered drinking water (labeled) in kitchen floor end cabinet.
  • The property water catchment supplies filtered rainwater for bathing, toilet + washing dishes, clothes + such; it is not potable.
  • Be sure dishes are dry before reuse.
  • The tankless water heater utilizes propane + is set under the yurt.
  • The water pump is solar-operated, which is a bit noisy, yet works perfectly whether the power is down or not.
  • Note the artsy toilet handle must be raised after flushing. 


  • Feel free to use items + condiments in refrigerator + from food cabinet under microwave.
  • Your garden tour will show what is in season to pick.
  • Know that produce ripens quickly in the tropics so please use the refrigerator!


  • The stove-top burners work well, but the gas oven is dysfunctional. Use toaster/convection oven instead; it has a nice broiler too.
  • Open gas oven door to find larger pans. Note tableware is only stocked for two adults, but there's enough mix-match to suit three or four people.
  • Cast iron skillets are here because they increase the iron content in food. Please read tips + clean methods if you are unfamiliar with this versatile-healthy cookware. Main rule is to never wash with soap.
  • The obnoxious smoke alarm is in a drawer, so be careful + do not walk away from food cooking, candles burning, etc. Just ask if you would like to activate it.



  • If you don’t keep the trash bin clean + clear of food, bugs will bombard you quickly!
  • Rinse packaging of food residue before trashing.
  • Use container in freezer marked COMPOST for all food scraps; empty as necessary to compost pile (shown on tour as well as worm bin in garage).
  • Because of wandering pets and wildlife, please do not store trash outside.
  • Please do not put food waste in the trash bin during your stay; keep it dry to avoid pests.
  • Inquire with owner Delia for the location of the Pahoa Transfer Station (a/k/a the dump), if needed. There's a lava walk for visitors to view the 2014 flow behind + around the trash bins.


Place all recyclable rinsed items in provided bin/s. The Pahoa Recycling Center for redemption or donation is open Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun 8am-3:30pm. Location is across from the Pahoa Post Office; (which is open weekdays 10am-4pm + Sat 11am-2pm).


  • Use empty drawers as desired.
  • Please ignore any lower drawers filled with owner's belongings.
  • Use closet space to hang clothes, (ignoring any owner garments on right side).


  • Cell phone reception is best outside of the yurt on the back lanai (if you incur problems inside). Reception depends on your carrier.
  • The pass code for the satellite WiFi service is provided upon your arrival.
  • WiFi allowance is 150 GB per month. No excessive downloads please.
  • Turn off WiFi if the light bothers you at night. The off/reset switch is located in the closet, resting on the lattice wall.


If you enjoy feeding the fish in 3 small pools daily, let Delia know + portions will be demonstrated on your welcome tour. Otherwise, no worries.


There is a school bus on the property that owner/Delia typically sleeps in during your stay. If not, she is house sitting elsewhere. In either circumstance, Delia may be spotted from the bus, in the gardens, or the storage-garage tent. While always open to talk, know that your privacy will be respected.

Check-out Process

  • Please remove trash + recycling rubbish from the premises before departure.
  • Dish-washing should be complete.
  • It is not necessary to remove sheets or make beds. If you rearranged furnishings, please return where they were upon arrival.
  • Place damp or wet towels + linens in bathtub; dry items on the bathroom floor.
  • Please advise Delia/Owner if your departure time must be later than noon.
  • Delia will inform you where to leave the key if not present upon your departure.
  • If you enjoyed your stay, please send a positive review to the reservation program you booked on!