March 12, 2014

Water Catchment Art

From before to after by pane:

Yea, my yurt home water catchment was painted by a work trader from Austria 2014 February; mission accomplished. Love it!

The tank was two-thirds full of rain water.

Algae and plant particles were siphoned from inside the tank with a water hose. The process took about an hour.

There is a water filter on the pump located under my yurt home. Although I do not drink this water, it is used for washing dishes, bathing and toilet.

The nearly five year old catchment cover has some tears, but is in good condition after clean up. It is on top of the new cover.

Why two covers? The old cover ($135 cost) blocks light, which prevents algae accumulation. The new cover ($155 cost) is much more durable, but does not block light so well.

The old cover had a three-year life projection. The new cover has a ten-year projection.

Would love a hard-top catchment, yet the cost is about $2,000!

Artist Renata Jett