July 20, 2013

Yurts + Feng Shui

Love Feng Shui Sister Feilani!

Feilani was a volunteer of this art and special technique on facebook. She described her consulting as very traditional and "un-intimidating" ― called the "Red Envelope" tradition.

In 2010 she wrote:

If cash is what you're looking for, then look no further! Try this money enhancement... take 9 paper bills, fan them out and place this anywhere in your Wealth Corner (as you walk in through your front door, it's located to the very far left corner of your home or office). That good energy we like to call "chi", will fan over some cash your way in no time!

So I asked Feilani ...

  • Do I still look left if my main entry is the back door?
  • Does my round yurt home make a difference?


  • Always use your front door as the "mouth of your chi." Even if you use the backdoor, you can "activate" the front door by simply opening it now and again. And place a bell on the front door handle (indoor or outdoor handle will do). Oh and a wind chime by the front door can do wonders!
  • As for the round yurt, try to anchor the corners of your bagua by placing planters by the "imaginary four corner's" of your yurt. The easiest way to envision this is to draw a square around your circular yurt, (it will look like a circle within a square) and those four corners are where you need anchors.

Mongolian Ger Front Doors
So good to know Feilani; thanks! Another tip I learned is to plant red blooming plants for prosperity near your front door or/and along your walkway.

For bells and chimes, see products below ...

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