March 29, 2012

Weddings + Events Yurt-style

Fashioning Felt in Palace Yurt
Creative interior options for weddings and events are abundant in yurts.

Betz White photographed the Palace Yurt at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in New York City for the Fashioning Felt exhibit. The lace-look opened eyes to visualize a ceremony, ― be it wedding, funeral, reception, etc.

Laurel Nest Vendor Yurt
Laurel Nest Yurts of North Carolina shares their vendor yurt to distribute information at festivals and conferences. Can't you also vision a crystal boutique, ― or something with spiritual and meditation tools? Shopping with a cozy-charm sense!

The Alaska Yurt Village is filled with artsy vendors who treasure sustainable living. Find seasonal yurt-boutiques who offer handmade goods that range from yarns to jewelry and more.

Viking Yurt
How about dinner ambiance? The Viking Yurt in Utah's Park City Mountain Resort offers a fine menu with a pianist ready to take requests.
Reserve a yurt for intimate dinning, or for a small party, ― an idea for most any location, but especially here in Hawai'i where organic and raw local foods are available year-round!

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