June 16, 2010

Financial Help

You know the proverb, if there's a will, there's a way. And determination with will is certainly a required combo to produce creative financing. I guarantee, Colorado Yurt Company, (CYC) is at it.

It's exciting that Sam Kigar of CYC shares his findings of peer-to-peer and social lending options on the company blog. Since every loan differs, it's a challenge to summarize expectations. Yet Sam explains the process, requirements and precautions well.

"The Loans Marketplace" Prosper, is Sam's first recommended site. It's all about appeasing both lenders and borrowers. With today's frustrations, it can be a refreshing option to step out of the traditional bank lending process.

Also recommended is the Lending Club. Their motto is: "Investors earn better returns, borrowers pay lower rates." Both companies are headquartered in California.

The interest rates are typically better than a bank, but good credit is essential. Sam says your loan request can hang one to two weeks so you can comparison shop interest rates.

Cash payment is every wise person's preference, but credit card payments are most popular for yurts. When goods are shipped out-of-state, you can submit a credit card purchase order without sales tax. Another tip a financial comrade recently told me is that credit union banks honor better credit card interest rates than conventional banks. So if you do use a credit card, shop around for the best interest rate.

As you can imagine, there are advantages to not having a mortgage. Yurt makers are networking and realizing there are better methods for the industry. Additionally, buyers are finding alternatives to conventional insurance without a mortgage. They customize the security of their assets by improved means.

Financial structures are changing rapidly and globally this year. And this year will be the second annual yurt makers conference in Hawaii during August. Networking on this topic will be a good thing, so stay tuned.